"Big Daddy Caleb & The Chargers.  Good lord the boy can sing.  Damn."

- Shaun Theye

(Drummer with The Mezcal Brothers and owner of MotorFood)

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"Fantastic job. You nailed it.

The music is very soulful and authentic.

...I'm diggin' it!"

- Matt The Cat

(Juke In The Back With Matt The Cat)

Commenting on the album "Rollin' Til Dawn!" by Big Daddy Caleb & The Chargers - Feb 2019

"If the whole ocean froze solid, and you polished the ice for 500,000 years, it would be almost this smooth.

Check out some of Lincoln's finest bluesmen working today in Big Daddy Caleb & The Chargers"

- Nathan Christensen

(Drummer for the rock band RIFT )

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"Rollin' Til Dawn! showcases some of the top local players" "the record catches every groove and the band sounds great"

"With Whisenhunt delivering the vocals in his clipped, biting style, the Chargers bring the instruments to just the right places"

"great flair and feel - a killer selection"

- L. Kent Wolgamott

(Lincoln Journal-Star) 

Commenting on the album "Rollin' Til Dawn!" by Big Daddy Caleb & The Chargers - Feb 2019

"Big Daddy Caleb has a voice that needs to be heard to be believed.  He pours his heart and soul into every note he sings into his microphone,  pushing his audience to the dance floor."

- Nick Schultz

(Blues Society of Omaha - Blue Notes)

"Some of the strongest, soulful vocals you will ever hear in Big Daddy Caleb"

"a sweet but biting voice."

- L. Kent Wolgamott

(Lincoln Journal-Star)

"Big Daddy Caleb is another Blues musician in the Lincoln-Omaha scene who has carved out a name for both himself and his band, The Chargers. It all starts with a unique sound – something new – and Whisenhunt has that in his sweet, soulful Blues voice. Every note is filled with a powerful emotion, and when he first began singing at the Zoo Bar two decades ago, people knew he was one-of-a-kind."

- Will Roper


"A great showcase of some of the finest, most electrifying Blues and Soul Nebraska has to offer when Big Daddy Caleb & The Chargers hit the park."

- Stransky Park Concert Series